Turnbull Assures Adani Native Title Issue Will Be Fixed

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reportedly assured Adani executives that the Native Title issue that hinders the $21 billion Carmichael coal mine development will be resolved.

Turnbull met with Gautam Adani and senior Adani executives on Monday night in New Delhi as a part of this three-day visit to India. They reportedly discussed about a Federal Court ruling on native title in February that threatened the mining project development in Queensland’s Galilee basin.

Source: Mick Tsikas / AAP

The ruling upheld that all traditional owners are required to sign an indigenous land use agreement to validate any activity.

The government has attempted to introduce a legislation to overturn the ruling, but the bill still remains in the Senate.

Turnbull and Adani’s meeting also discussed a potential $1 billion loan from the government’s Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund to the company to build a railway link to the mine. Turnbull emphasised that the loan approval process was independent.

“That’s an independent process, it has to go through that process — that independent assessment by the board,” said Turnbull.

Adani coal mine plan has been criticised for its potential impact on environment and public health, with 90 prominent Australians signing an open letter against the project.