Thirst for Business

A man walks into a restaurant and all he wants is an ice cold water. That’s it, no straw, no nothin’. At this point, he would drink it without a glass, or even warm, if he must. A bottle, well, maybe…

The waiter is nice as he talks about the specials. There is one specialty in particular which makes the man happy. Water, is all he hears. I will start with the water, the man tells the waiter.

The waiter returns and the water is pink. But he doesn’t care. It’s water. But it isn’t just cold, it is delicious.

As the story goes, David Freeman, founder of H2coco, first tasted the refreshing awesomeness of watermelon water while travelling in the Nevada Desert. The founder of a company which makes the coconut water that he loves was ironically out of his own product. In short order, a friend gave him a bottle of cold-pressed watermelon. David immediately became enamored with the product as it not only quenched his thirst but it also had a natural sweetness.

Upon returning home to Sydney, Australia with summer at its height, David and his friends spot a summer in full swing, David and his friends are heading down to the beach when they encounter a perfectly ripe and juicy watermelon. Harkening back to the time watermelon perhaps saved his life, David determined that it’s the perfect idea with which to cool them down. After squashing the melon into his backpack, the group takes on the job of carrying it to their destination. With nothing to open it with, the group eventually has to carry it back.

During this arduous part of their journey, the Coconut Water guru decides he will create H2melon, a more convenient way of slaking thirst. David spent nearly a year picking apart, so to speak, all types of watermelons, 33 in all. Upon choosing the very best and creating an optimum production methodology, H2melon resulted, and it is a luscious and pure. The result is delicious, pure watermelon water housed in eco-friendly bottles.

The best news is that David never has to go thirsty again!