Dreamworld Visitor Slump Continues

Dreamworld theme park is still struggling to stop the visitor slump, a new report has revealed.

Compared to the previous year, there was a 30.5 per cent decline in visitor numbers for June, and 35.3 per cent drop in unaudited revenue to $4.4 million. This was an improvement from May, which saw a 35 per cent fall in visitors.

Park owner Ardent Leisure has blamed the change in Victoria’s school holidays for the decline, but visitor numbers have been dwindling since four people died in an incident on the Thunder Rive Rapids ride in October.

Investors’ confidence did not budge, as Ardent’s share price rose 1.47 per cent to $2.07 per share.

Gold Coast Tourism chief executive Martin Winter said he remained optimistic about the theme park’s future.

“The theme parks are part of the DNA of the Gold Coast and it’s very important that they’re firing for the local economy,” Winter told ABC. “We are very confident for the future and very pleased to see the progress they’re making over time since the tragedy.”