“Those laws are there for good reasons, whether it be to protect lives or to protect people against union thuggery.”

Master Builders Australia Chief Executive Officer Wilhelm Harnisch agrees, saying that any changes to the law should be made through proper democratic means.

“The comments of Sally McManus, newly appointed Secretary of the ACTU, show utter contempt for the foundations that have made Australia great and should stand condemned,” Harnisch said.

“The comments fail the test of leadership and a very worrying sign that the CFMEU has captured the ACTU’s agenda. Australians know that the places for laws to be changed are at the ballot box and in the Parliament. The community deserves better from its union leaders.”


Inside McManus’, she wrote that without the union movement, “Australia would look like the United States” where she states that many of the protections which workers consider to be basic rights in Australia are either inadequate or don’t exist.

Sourceable reports that ‘McManus also claims that the government should focus on what she says is ‘rampant lawlessness’ from employers in terms of issues such as worker underpayments, exploitation of workers on foreign visas and practices which jeopardise safety.’


“The Australian public and the building and construction industry that works with them deserve and need people focusing on building future opportunities, not breaking laws.”

Complete source from: https://sourceable.net/master-builders-accuses-union-head-encouraging-law-breaking/