Australian Employers Are Hiring Temp Workers for Permanent Jobs

Nine out of ten Australian employers would not rule out hiring someone with continuous temp/contract work experience for a permanent role.

An analysis by HR consulting firm Robert Half Australia found that most bosses are open to hiring temporary and contract workers into permanent jobs, despite the stigma associated with such work. According to a survey of 460 hiring managers across Australia, a majority (88 percent) would offer a permanent post to workers already in temp roles.

“We see many employers are receptive towards hiring temporary staff as they realise the benefits offered by having a mix of both contract and permanent staff,” said Andrew Morris, director of the firm.

“This positive turnaround is also having a direct impact on the career paths of temporary professionals, as top performers are in turn being offered permanent positions by their employer if and when there’s an available opportunity.”

Morris said both employers and employee are enjoying the benefits provided by temporary jobs. “The benefits of a flexible staffing approach are being felt by employers, particularly in a candidate-short market, as it allows them access to a much larger pool of skilled talent,” said Morris. Three out of four (76 percent) found the combination of permanent and temp hires to be vital to their department or organisation.

While companies can avoid lags with more labour on hand, workers can also expand their expertise, Morris said. “We’re seeing more and more professionals opting for this type of work, allowing them to experience diverse careers, accumulate a rich skillset and garner exposure to multiple industries and workplaces.”